corporate history

About :
Advances in healthcare are made from a willingness to face change with innovative solutions which shape the future of medicine. This means taking responsibility for recognizing opportunities in the marketplace and identifying the customer’s needs.
As a leading healthcare company, Neuromiss S.A. is fully aware of this responsibility.

History :
Our company was established in 2008 and successfully operates in Greek medical market, and especially in Spine and Neuro, since then, under the mane Medical Consepts. In 2011 we change the name to Neuromiss S.A. after the merger with the company Hol Care.

Since our founding in 2008, we are distributors of a full range of products focused on the treatment of spine disorders forward for spine surgeons and their patients. Moving forward, we will remain focused on improving our patients’ quality of life.

Providing quality fusion products, improved minimally invasive solutions and integrated biologics products will be fundamental to this success.

Today :
With know-how and expertise, with specialized staff and national coverage, we are one of the largest Greek company for the provision and technical support of quality and high technology of medical equipment.